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Vitruvio Virtual Reality

beauty everywhere

We are a team specialized in CGI, that component of Computer Graphics that allows to create environments, static images and 3D videos capable of thrilling the public or affirming the values ​​of a brand or product in a memorable way.

We move in the folds of the arts – architecture, cinema, design, fashion, music, theater, performance – and we intervene when the aesthetic and stylistic rendering is not part of the project, but must determine its success or not. We have shown our works in the main exhibitions for contemporary art.

We are a heterogeneous team of designers, authors, 3D artists capable of intervening, depending on the needs, in different phases, in complete autonomy or in support of artistic directors, creatives, directors, artists.

Since 2013 we have been making commercial and product or corporate videos, virtual tours for exhibitions or fashion events and – among the few in Europe – immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences (yes, the one that is experienced through strange headsets) of international level.

Since 2013, we bring Beauty everywhere.