della Quarta:


A work that questions the perception of what’s real and unreal, with a mixed reality performance in which physical and virtual dancers emerge from the darkness to give body, vision, matter to visual perceptions. In a non-place, in which the very conception of time is questioned, the public will be completely immersed in the dark to live a dream-like experience that is elaborated, multiplied, amplified and transported into virtual reality, to generate a new perception of the space and the elements that compose it.

An engaging experience that alternates real moments and virtual ones perceivable thanks to a VR viewer, to leave a fruitful doubt about our limits of interaction with reality.

Artistic direction: Compagnia della Quarta and Vitruvio Virtual Reality / Concept and design: Sara Caliumi, Mario Coccetti and Fabrizio Molducci / VR supervisor: Alessandro Agostini / Music: Andrea Rizzi, Viviana Cappelli / Production: Cinqueminuti and Compagnia della Quarta / Co-product from: ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Foundation and Vitruvio Virtual Reality / With: S Dance Company and Open Workshop Modena.

In the figure, look for the main light and the main shadow, the rest will come of itself.
Édouard Manet