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Casa Malaparte

Casa Malaparte

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"Casa Malaparte" on Capri, as devised by Libera, is a home of rites and rituals, a home that, with a shiver, immediately conjures up Aegean mysteries and sacrifices; an anodic game under an Italian light.

Making the unvisitable, visitable is the reason that led us to choose “Casa Malaparte” for our first artistic self-production.

The sea. The red bricks. The view over the sea stacks. The long climb that leads up to the roof and the iconic white screen that conceals Brigitte Bardot as she sunbathes in Contempt. The main living room. Alberto Savinio’s majolica.

These are just some of the details that continue to seduce and fascinate academics, architects and devotees across the world; just some of the details recreated by us in 3D real time. A philological study and a technological challenge. A work of immersive virtual art, that has re-opened “Malaparte House” to the public.

“I would like to build it all with my own hands, stone after stone, brick after brick, the city of my heart.”

Curzio Malaparte