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Cuckoo clock

Cuckoo Clock

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Interactive design

A project that revives our childhood sense of wonder.

We designed and developed the NFT “Cuckoo clock” for Pet Therapy, an Atelier Biagetti project that revives our childhood sense of wonder and excitement.

The project gives new life to an object full of nostalgia like the cuckoo clock, thanks to a hybrid and functional design: a real working clock that connects the world of digital dreams to ours.

Available in limited edition as an installation, with NFT certificate, the clock is geo-localized and displays real-time weather conditions of the place where it is located. Inside, we find palm trees, cats and bouncy balls suspended in a virtual sky that reflects the real one: if it’s raining intensely where you are, in the cuckoo world of Pet Therapy, it’s also raining intensely!

Project created with Atelier Biagetti and Labseventy.
Photo shooth by Atelier Biagetti.

“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos.”

Hayao Miyazaki