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Virtual Reality experience

To transport the most beautiful shop in the world into immersive virtual reality may seem crazy. What can be added to such real beauty?

Through the acquisition of 360° images, modified in 3D, we created an immersive reality experience of the shop designed by Carlo Scarpa for Dino Gavina.

Through an Android application and an optic hotspot command, it has become possible to admire Takahama’s sofas, Balla’s futuristic flowers, the Lips mirror, the Témoin table-seat and other design icons, and to visit in utmost freedom the historic space in via Altabella, Bologna, the way it was conceived. You might even run into Carlo Scarpa and Dino Gavina. Think about it.

The virtual reality experience was previewed during the Milan Design Week at the Paradisoterrestre showroom.

“I affirm that openings, gaps, and passages are the ones that fulfil spatial relations.”

Carlo Scarpa