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Lifestyle Antolini

Lifestyle Antolini

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Virtual Reality showroom

Perfect harmony between nature and design: this is the aim of "Lifestyle Antolini", the first immersive virtual showroom in real-time 3D ever created.

There is, however, a “but”. Beyond the peaceful atmosphere designed by Claudio Silvestrin, it was necessary to reproduce hyperrealistically the extraction and processing of natural stone by Antolini SpA, in order to give them a voice.

It was necessary to introduce the real to the virtual: light caressing a surface, water washing over matter, the profound nature of stone in contact with man’s hand.

Entering “Lifestyle Antolini” means acknowledging the weightlessness of stone and the scent of light. It is the accomplishment of a new idea of space and time.

“My design aims to show the hardly spoken quality of stone – its lightness.
For the earth matter is only heavy according to physics. Yet our Earth is nothing but an orbiting dot amongst infinite galaxies.”

Claudio Silvestrin