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MCA construction sites

MCA construction sites

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Working alongside with Mario Cucinella Architects, a great designer from Palermo (Italy), we created the immersive virtual architectural spaces of three major projects.

The new “Unipol Office Building” in Piazza Gae Aulenti and the “Etruscan Museum” of the Rovati Foundation, located in the historic Rizzoli-Carraro palace in Milan.

Both projects were presented at the Triennale during the Empatia Creativa exhibition, focusing on “Mario Cucinella’s construction sites” which started in 2016. We also curated the virtual section of the exhibition.

Additionally, for MCA, we developed and presented, in January 2017, an immersive virtual preview of the new “Golinelli Arts and Sciences Center” during Arte Fiera Bologna. The center officially opened on October 4th of the same year.

“We want to give young people a support that helps their creativity.”

Marino Golinelli