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Paolo Roversi – Studio Luce

Paolo Roversi – Studio Luce

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Virtual exhibition

"Paolo Roversi - Studio Luce"

For the exhibition “Paolo Roversi – Studio Luce” we created a 3D model of the MAR Museum in Ravenna (Italy), including the exhibition setup, then we designed and implemented an online interactive platform for the virtual exhibition.

The exhibition “Paolo Roversi – Studio Luce” is a project curated by Chiara Bardelli Nonino, with the sets by Jean-Hugues de Chatillion and the production development project by Silvestrin & Associati, created by the Municipality of Ravenna, Department of Culture and Mar, with the precious contribution by Christian Dior Couture, Dauphin and Pirelli.

Production development project: Silvestrin & Associati
Technical project: Vitruvio Virtual Reality

“Photography is the theater of time.”

Paolo Roversi