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Radio m2o: Human Logo

Radio m2o: Human Logo

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CGI commercial video

"Human Logo", a new character made in CGI for the italian broadcaster, Radio m2o.

With the artistic direction of Maurizio Marani, creator of Human Logo, and in close collaboration with DJ Albertino and the Radio m2o team, we modeled and brought to life “Human Logo”.

We have designed an animated logo that comes from all the traditional elements of a radio – microphones, headphones, mixers – and grows with its soul, the heart of Radio m2o.

After the first phase of work, we imagined the birth of “Human Logo” in a 40-second pilot episode – written, directed, and animated by us – which sets the stage for a series of animated commercials. In addition to CGI commercials, mixed-media techniques and augmented reality experiences are on the way.

“It is as if a spaceship had landed in via Massena, Milan.”

DJ Albertino