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Tribute to Freak Antoni

Tribute to Freak Antoni

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Virtual Reality experience

"Tribute to Freak Antoni" is, as the title suggests, the homage that Vitruvio Virtual Reality made to one of the most subversive and destabilizing artists in the Italian music history.

The experience creates an interaction with Daniele Rossi’s sculpture. The sculpture, made in Carrara marble, portrays Freak Antoni inside a toilet equipped with rockets.

Wearing a virtual reality headset, the rockets light up and the user makes a journey in the sky above Bologna on the notes of Ludovico Einaudi and the verses of “Le onde leggero”, a delicate and surprising poetry by Antoni himself.

The immersive virtual reality artwork was available through the Oculus Go headset, within the International museum and library of music of Bologna (Italy, 2019).

“You don’t understand a damn thing, this is avant-garde, you shitty audience!”

Freak Antoni