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As I lay dead

As I lay dead

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Animated short film in VR

Meditate on what it means to be alive.

“As I Lay dead” is a virtual reality short film, currently seeking funding, which aims to reflect on the meaning of life and the complexity of the grieving process.

The short film invites us to meditate on what it means to be alive and how the memory of one person can influence and shape the memories of those who are still alive.

I am interested in the relationships between characters. In this film, the focus of these relationships is the person who wears the VR headset, the dead, who observes the pain of those left behind, at the moment of their death.
– Simone Salomoni, director of Vitruvio Virtual Reality

Setting and time of the narration are ethereal, suspended, dreamlike and the idea is to investigate, through the possibilities of immersive virtual reality, the moments following the experience that every human being shares: death.

We worked on androgynous characters, both in terms of somatic features and clothing.

Around the viewer, the characters, across race, age and gender, are immersed in their grief and they face the inevitable dimension of mourning, with more or less explicit emotional expressions.

“Death is nothing for those who experience it: we are alive and then we are dead. Pain is a burden that those who remain carry.”

Simone Salomoni

As I lay Dead