Mario Cucinella:

Museum Rovati Foundation

Samsung Gear VR

To bring into virtual reality the evocative, sacred, cryptic atmosphere inspired by the great Etruscan civilisation was the most complex challenge proposed by the Fondazione Rovati.

Project files provided by Mario Cucinella Architects provided the starting point from which we created the virtual architectural space; we then went on to create new finishing details; finally, from 2D pictures we recreated in 3D, the vases and the Etruscan warrior, prized pieces of the Rovati collection.

This is how, at the Empatia Creativa exhibition for the Triennale, we presented a preview of the Museum Rovati Foundation project through virtual reality, whose aim was to promote and enhance the historic Rizzoli-Carraro building by transforming it into a permanent exhibition space exclusively for Etruscan art.

Empatia creativa is another way of defining sustainability.
Mario Cucinella